When to Call the Pros for the Home Heater Not Working

When homeowners find their home heater not working, it can be the cause of endless worry. Thankfully, heating specialists are available to troubleshoot and repair. Most reasons for the home heater not working can persist without severe consequences. However, there are two situations in which homeowners should not delay.

Home Heater Not Working to Heat Air

When you find the home heater not working to heat air, the problem is most likely with the fire exchanger or gas line. Traditional gas furnaces require a live flame in order to properly heat air. Therefore, the home heater cannot heat air without a gas source or a heat exchanger. 

The heat exchanger is what houses the flame. Though unusual, the heat exchanger can accumulate buildup, which may clog pipelines and air supply. Overall, this makes it difficult for a fire to lit, which cuts the heating process short altogether.

Homeowners should listen for a small boom sound from the furnace after turning on the central air for heat. This is the sound of a tiny explosion inside the heat exchanger signaling it is in need of attention. Homeowners who suspect a dirty heat or fire exchanger should contact their HVAC technician.

Home Heater Not Working to Clean Air

When homeowners feel the air quality in their home dropping, they often blame the central air system. This may be a correct guess because all indoor air must pass through the air filter of the furnace.

Homeowners can easily replace the air filters on their own. However, a drop in indoor air quality may be signaling more than just a dirty air filter. It is possible that there are leaks and holes within the central air system, such as the air ducts. It can also mean that there is too much debris inside that has yet to be removed.

Leaks in the air duct allow attic air to seep into the home. This instantly pollutes the home with bacteria, germs and foreign particles. In addition, it allows heated air to escape into the attic before ever reaching the house, leading to significant energy loss.

Homeowners who find their home heater not working to clean air should have a specialist evaluate their central air system for other problem areas. It may be more than just an overused air filter.

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There are plenty of DIY solutions to the home heater not working. Still, some problems should be left to the professionals.

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