Dust-Busting The Bathroom Vent

Service Champions technician Wes was headed to the attic to do some regular maintenance on a unit of a Whittier home, but the customer had a request first.

“I have an attic vent above the bathroom that’s really dirty,” he said. “I know you’re headed up there… could I ask you to go ahead and clean it?”

Wes told him of course he would, but then when he got up in the attic, the vent itself was clean.

Wes came back down to the bathroom itself and saw that the problem was actually the vent grill and the area just behind it.

Other Good Deeds

“I grabbed my ladder and pulled the fixture off and vacuumed up all the particles and lint,” Wes said. “There was a lot in there!”

Wes replaced the vent grate and headed back up to the attic for the tune-up.

The customer told Wes he was happy to have all that caked on lint and dust finally cleaned up and was very appreciative.

“He was a real nice guy,” Wes said. “He was observant and interested in what I was doing.”

Wes said he enjoys the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from doing Good Deeds For Free, no matter how big or small. Great job, Wes!

Good Deeds In The Community

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