Heavy Lifting Is No Problem For This Technician

The customer in Seal Beach was carrying a 24-pack of water into her home from her truck as Service Champions technician Justin arrived for a tune-up.

“That looks heavy, why don’t you let me help you with that?” Justin said.

The customer was relieved to have the help. Justin continued helping with the rest of the groceries and moved a couple of 50+ pound bags of dog food, too.

But Justin wasn’t nearly done. “What else could I do for you?” Justin asked.

Well, now that he mentioned it, there was one more thing that would be a big help. Could he relocate some vases from her backyard to the front lawn?

Of course. In fact, when he got the vases to the front, he also shifted some big landscaping rocks out of the way so the vases would have enough room. He even brought the bags of soil to the vases.

“Oh good, now I can plant flowers in those vases,” she said. The homeowner couldn’t believe how many heavy things Justin moved for her.

“She was telling me to be careful, but I moved them all easily,” Justin said.

The customer was extremely appreciative of his help and Justin explained ‘Good Deeds For Free.’

“Oh, that’s awesome that you guys do that!” she said.

But she insisted that all his heavy lifting not go completely unrewarded. “You need to have this S’more ice cream drumstick. You need a treat. In fact, you’ve been working so hard, you should have two!”

Justin appreciated that and told her one would be just fine!

Justin, way to go the extra mile with this ‘Good Deed For Free!’

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