Need To Weed Turns Into A Good Deed

As Service Champions technician Miguel was walking around a house with his customer in Anaheim, they came to a side yard with a walkway that had a lot of weeds.

Miguel made a mental note and then continued chatting with his customer.

“My wife’s not here right now,” the homeowner told Miguel. “I took my 18 month old son to day care today because I wanted to be available to you when you got here. The little guy needs to be watched all the time.”

Miguel completely understood. Toddlers can get into just about anything if you turn your head for even a second!

It also made Miguel think that it was probably pretty tough for this couple to find time to do things like weeding. So he decided that when he finished the tune-up, he would do the weeding for them.

Miguel slipped on some gloves and got to it. Once the weeding was done, he got a push broom and swept it all into a big pile on the walkway. He also hosed it down with water to clean up a few dirty spots.

“I wanted to make it look spotless,” Miguel said. After about 30 minutes of work, it looked great!

Then Miguel went and found the homeowner. “Could you show me where your trash can is for green waste?” Miguel asked.

The customer went outside to show him and saw the big pile of weeds. His jaw dropped to the floor.

“He couldn’t believe a heating and air conditioning company would do something completely unrelated to their service… well, you know, just to be nice,” Miguel said.

When the customer got over the shock, he thanked Miguel. Then his wife got home and the first thing he told her was, “Go check out the yard. He cleaned the weeds for us!”

The wife couldn’t believe it either and was happy and excited to see how nice it looked.

Miguel, thanks for helping out these busy parents – that’s a wonderful ‘Good Deed For Free!’

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