The Talking Birthday Bear

Service Champions technician Victor was chatting with his La Puente customer and the conversation turned to kids. They both have young daughters and the customer happened to mention that her daughter was turning one year old on the following Tuesday.

Victor remembered that a follow up service to replace the customer’s ductwork was scheduled for that same day and it gave him an idea.

The morning of the installation, Victor picked up a special present for the birthday girl. It was a talking bear that helped children learn language by repeating things back to the child. His own daughter had one and she LOVED that bear.

“It was her favorite toy,” Victor said.

Victor was not part of the ductwork install team, but he sent the bear and Happy Birthday wishes with the crew.

The customer was very surprised to get a birthday gift for her daughter. She loved the gift and Victor’s thoughtfulness. She sat down and handwrote Victor a personal letter thanking him and saying she was blown away that someone would go above and beyond like that.

She was especially pleased because she and her husband were first-time homeowners who had already had a bad experience with another HVAC company. Her Service Champions’ experience couldn’t have been a bigger contrast with that!

Victor, thanks for being so thoughtful! That’s a Good Deed, indeed!

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