Air Conditioner Repairs that Increase Energy Efficiency

There are times within the year when the central air system runs all day. Though heating and air conditioning are absolutely necessary to home comfort, we always have the thought of the utility bill in the back of our heads.

This is doubly true if homeowners have air conditioner repairs they’re putting off. Procrastinating on air conditioner repairs causes even more trouble.

  • Additional energy expenditure
  • Additional wear on the central air system
  • Irregular or low quality air conditioning
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Permanent damages

To save yourself further trouble and to protect the energy efficiency of your central air system and home, schedule these air conditioner repairs as soon as you can.

Air Duct Leaks

The most urgent of air conditioner repairs, air ducts leaks should be mended immediately. If you have air ducts with tears or leaks, your utility bill is sure to skyrocket.

Conditioned air travels through the air ducts, which are generally kept in the attic. During the summer months, the attic temperature can easily reach triple digits. When conditioned air travels through the air ducts, attic air can enter through the tears and leaks, reheating cooled air.

Your air conditioner now has to work against the attic temperature, cooling two or three times more to reach the number you’ve set on the thermostat.

Condenser Unit Troubles

The condenser unit is the box that sits outside. It is responsible for compressing refrigerant, a necessary gas that makes heating and cooling possible. When the condenser unit experiences troubles, the entire air conditioning process comes to a halt.

These problems can include:

  • Bad control board
  • Wrong pressure settings
  • Burnt capacitors
  • Faulty wiring

Though the central air system may still be running, air will not be conditioned. As a result, the central air continues to work, expending energy, without the result of conditioned air.

Burnt Motors and Fans

Motors and fans are necessary to pull and push air through the central air system. In other words, without motors or fans air stands still in one place.

When you have bad motors or fans, some air may be cooled but stored within the central air or air duct system—not in your house. Meanwhile, the thermostat reads the indoor air temperature and continues to try and change that by kick-starting the air conditioning process. Unfortunately, all that happens is that energy is used and no air is cooled. This also may result in frozen evaporator coils, water pooling in places and overheated parts.

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