Four Reasons Why The AC Blowing Hot Air

Homeowners who find their AC blowing hot air may find it so for a variety of reasons. Technicians often discover AC blowing hot air, and it is more common than most people think.

If you find your AC blowing hot air, here are a few places to start your investigation.

AC Blowing Hot Air Because of Condenser Unit Issues

The condenser unit is the piece of equipment that sits outside the house. It is absolutely essential in the heating and air conditioning process.

Inside the condenser unit is a number of switches, settings, motors, fans and capacitors. When any part inside the condenser unit experiences trouble, air conditioning is sure to take a hit.

With the AC blowing hot air, check to hear any unusual sounds coming from the condenser unit. That might mean hearing nothing at all.

AC Blowing Hot Air Because of Refrigerant Problems

When the air conditioning begins, refrigerant is compressed, dropping to a very low temperature. Then, it shoots through a closed-circuit tube, filling up the evaporator coils. Indoor air supply flows over the chilled evaporator coils, cooling air for the home.

Problems with refrigerant always result in mediocre air conditioning, which can happen in many ways. The pressure settings may have moved. This means that refrigerant fails to compress to the necessary temperature for cooling. There also may be a refrigerant leak.

Though refrigerant is contained inside a closed system, leaks are possible. In this case, an HVAC technician must refill the refrigerant. Never attempt to handle refrigerant by yourself.

AC Blowing Hot Air Because of Frozen Evaporator Coils

When evaporator coils freeze, it is almost always because of lack of HVAC maintenance.

The air filter does a good job of removing solid particles from indoor air supply. However, when the air filter fills, less air passes through it while dirt and dust accumulate inside the system. Eventually, these pieces stick onto the evaporator coils and freeze into place.

What little air does pass over the coils often doesn’t cool to the necessary temperature. Consequently, air simply cycles through and back into the house. This is why homeowners find their AC blowing hot air.

To fix frozen evaporator coils, maintenance is necessary.

AC Blowing Hot Air Because of Wrong Thermostat Setting

Many will be surprised to learn that the most popular reason why technicians find AC blowing hot air is because of incorrect thermostat settings. Experts find that there is nothing wrong with the air conditioner. Rather, the temperature setting on the thermostat isn’t where homeowners wanted it.

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