“She Was Just So Happy To Have Someone Help Her”

Service Champions technician Joe was at a home in Fullerton, where the homeowner had her mother living with her. A former garage had been remodeled into a studio apartment.

As Joe and the daughter were talking, he saw a new safety toilet seat in a box nearby.

“I kind of sensed that they wanted help with it, but were a little shy about asking,” Joe said.

So Joe just offered.

“That’s when the story came out,” Joe said.

It turned out that the mom had fallen the previous week so her daughter bought a new toilet seat that raises it up six inches and has handles. They knew it would make her mother safer, but weren’t confident about installing it.

Joe was happy to help; he assured them it would be no problem. He installed it efficiently and when he was done, Joe suddenly realized how much it meant.

The mom had been feeling kind of helpless after the fall, and when she saw it installed, she cried a little bit.

“She was just so happy to have someone help her and to do it for free,” Joe said. “She even tried tipping me $50 but I told her no, this is ‘Good Deeds For Free!’

Joe said it felt really good to help her, especially because the mother was clearly relieved to have it installed.

“It was hard for me not to get emotional too when she started crying,” Joe said.

As a funny coincidence, a week later Joe helped another client install the exact same item. Joe told them not to worry – he was already a pro at it!

Joe, that’s a fantastic ‘Good Deed For Free.’ Thanks for stepping forward and offering to take care of it – you made a difference!

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