Technician Lends Helping Hand With Garage Shade

Service Champions technician David arrived to a home in Riverside and saw that his customer was struggling with some work at the front of the garage.

“What are you working on?” David asked.

The homeowner wanted to remount a tarp he used to provide shade when he was working in the garage. But David could see getting up and down on the ladder was challenging for his customer due to some physical issues.

“I could help you get the hooks mounted,” David said.

The homeowner was appreciative.

David got out his power drill and put in the holes needed to mount the hangers and then installed them.

The client said that was all he needed, hanging up the tarp whenever he needed it would now be a snap.

David saw that for himself when he returned the next day with a quote for a duct work project. The homeowner already had his yellow tarp in place.

The man, a retired firefighter, said his breathing troubles sometimes made it a challenge to do these kind of tasks and he was appreciative of a helping hand from David.

David, way to go – another ‘Good Deed For Free!’

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