The Tablet-Teaching Tech

On a recent service call in Anaheim, Service Champions technician Jason was busy on his computer tablet making notes about the job. Our techs have these devices to help us serve customers more efficiently.

The tablet caught the homeowner’s eye.

“I just got a tablet myself,” she told Jason. “It’s a Microsoft Surface. But I’m not very technically savvy, so I’m not sure how to use it.”

The way the customer said it made Jason think she was going to struggle with it.

“Maybe we could take a look at it together,” Jason said, and the homeowner excitedly agreed!

“Okay, let’s see,” Jason said. After carefully removing it from the box, he showed her the basics: how the charger works and where to turn it on. Next, they sat together and went through the instruction manual.

Jason doesn’t consider himself very tech-savvy, but that actually made this lesson go better. Instead of speaking like a techie, he found it easy to break it down in normal language that didn’t overwhelm his customer.

The homeowner quickly learned to connect to the internet and check her email. This was especially exciting for her, because her main reason for getting the tablet was to communicate with family more.

She didn’t live close to them so she didn’t get to see them as often as she would like… now she was set-up and ready to connect more often!

Jason’s private tutoring lasted about 40 minutes and gave her an A+ as a student. “She was happy with how I explained things, excited about what she could do now, and was eager to learn as much as she could.”

Jason, you made a difference in your customer’s life, way to take the extra time on this Good Deed For Free!

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