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We rely on home air conditioning every single day. As a responsible homeowner, there are many things we can do to help it last longer and work better. Home air conditioning can be everything you want it to be. It just takes a bit of effort, creativity and elbow grease.

Superior Heating and Cooling

Insulating the home becomes the key here. Any holes and leaks in the home let outdoor air in and indoor air out. By containing the indoor environment as much as possible, homeowners have tighter temperature control.

Some methods to do this include:

  • Caulking windows
  • Installing stronger door sweeps
  • Insulating the attic
  • Insulating the air ducts
  • Using drapes and curtains to block heat from entering through windows
  • Using draft snakes in individual rooms
  • Keeping doors and windows closed

High Energy Efficiency

Homeowners seeking high energy efficiency should know that one of the most practical things they can do is keep the home and the central air system clean.

Home air conditioning runs throughout the entire house. That means that air is constantly feeding in and out of the air conditioner, sweeping with it germs and particles. When debris collects inside the system, the air conditioner has to work against the buildup. Further troubles happen when the air filter hasn’t been changed.

Evaporator coils freeze over. Motors burn. Microbiological growth comes from still water collecting in different places. Keeping the house clean helps keep the home air conditioning system clean. As a result, this helps with energy efficiency because:

  • Home air conditioning has less resistance
  • Motors and fans spin freely
  • Air conditioner has less work to do in filtering
  • Particles that take longer to heat or cool are not there

All in all, with a clean home and clean air conditioner, home air conditioning only has to focus on air conditioning, so energy efficiency is at its best.

Pure Indoor Air Quality

HVAC technology has allowed for the furnace and air conditioner to be used in more ways than one. For purer indoor air quality, homeowners opt for super filters or other air cleaning systems.

This includes:

  • Air filters with MERV rating of 16 or more
  • Super air filters
  • Air cleaning systems
  • UV lamps or bulbs

Each add-on is designed to capture or destroy particles and germs floating around in the air. As a result, you have air that is 99.9 percent free of particles, gasses, allergens, vapors and germs.

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Home air conditioning is our top concern. At Service Champions, we want every home to experience the absolute best of heating and air conditioning. As the top HVAC contractors in Southern California, we are dedicated to delivering expert technical care and superior customer service for your total satisfaction.

To find help for your home air conditioning, contact one of our helpful representatives in our call center at your convenience.

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