Scary Fall… But Tech Finds A Way To Help Her Back Up!

Service Champions technician Andy was on a service call at a large home in Lakewood. The house was so big it had 4 A/C units and the work would end up taking most of the day!

But all of that faded to the background when a scary moment happened right in front of Andy.

He was talking with his customer about the tune-up when the phone rang. The homeowner got up to answer it and then started to sit back down. As she did, she caught the chair wrong and flipped and went straight to the floor!

The fall was bad enough, but making matters worse, the customer had a bad knee and there was no way for her to get up under her own power.

Andy was briefly freaked out and rushed over to see what he could do. “I kind of said to myself ‘whoa, what am I going to do here?’ All thoughts of work and other stuff go out the window and you’ve got to figure out how to help.”

Andy recovered from the initial shock and realized he needed to do some “game-planning” with the customer to get her back up. With her bad knee, Andy wanted to be sure he could get her up without causing an injury.

So they took several minutes preparing to get her back to standing. They decided lifting in stages would work the best.

First, the customer was in a tight area. She scooted over a bit to give them more room. Next, Andy moved a little bench near her. He managed to get her on the bench with a “bear hug and lift.” From there, he was able to get her transferred up a little higher and onto a couch.

And once she was on the couch, she was able to use the sides of the couch to grip and get back to standing herself.

Andy felt relieved. The homeowner was a little sore from the fall, but all things considered she felt pretty good and was very grateful to Andy for his help.

In fact, she thanked Andy multiple times. Andy deflected the praise with a smile. “What, was I just going to leave you sitting there?!?”

Andy said the customer handled it all very good naturedly. “She was just very, very sweet about the whole thing.”

A happy ending after a scary moment! Andy, that’s quick thinking and a super Good Deed For Free!

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