One Military Man Helps Another

One of the more common Good Deeds Service Champions technicians perform is bringing in or taking out the garbage cans for our customers. After all, everyone has them, and it needs done regularly. It might be a small deed, but it’s the kind of little courtesy we like to show our customers!

So it’s a common deed, but sometimes a particular connection or situation can give it a little more meaning.

Our technician Dan found himself at the home of a retired Air Force pilot who was in some apparent pain.

The customer was limping and was also a little hunched over. Dan had offered to show him how his new thermostat worked, but this customer was sharp-minded and independent. “No, that’s fine. I just need to get used to it.”

Maybe because Dan was a Marine he found it easy to talk to this military man. The former pilot told him about his limp from foot surgery and his bad back. He had been advised to take the recovery one step at a time.

“My doctor told me I have to slowly work my way back unless I want to be in a wheelchair,” the veteran told Dan. “I don’t want to be in a wheelchair.”

Dan thought about the empty trash cans at the curb and saw an opportunity.

“That must have been a challenge for you with that foot,” Dan said, pointing to the cans.

“Oh, yeah, it took me a long time to get them out,” he said.

Dan said he would bring them in for him and he didn’t wait to give this independent guy a chance to say no!

Dan started pushing them in and explaining the Good Deeds philosophy. “If we see things like this, we take care of them. It can just be small things to help people out.”

Dan felt good afterward because the veteran pilot told him he was really grateful.

Dan was also happy, because helping a fellow military man gave the good deed a little extra meaning for him. “There’s a brotherhood bond even though we are from different generations. Someday maybe it will be me, and a younger military man will help me.”

Dan, it only took you about two minutes to bring those cans in, but the connection you made went well beyond the time spent! Thanks for another Good Deed For Free!

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