If One Couch Goes Up… Another Must Come Down!

When Service Champions technician Joe arrived at the Lakewood home to perform a tune-up, he had a hunch that a Good Deed For Free was already lined up for him.

The customer had called Service Champions and requested a technician who would be big enough to do some furniture lifting!

And when Joe arrived, the homeowner smiled and said, “Oh good! You look strong enough to help.”

She and Joe talked, and Joe discovered that there were couches on separate floors that needed to switch places. Her husband could help, she said, but it was too much for him to do on his own.

Joe is always happy to help, so he only had one question. Did she want him to do it before or after the tune-up?

“We can do if after,” she said.

Joe went about his work and completed the tune-up. The husband found him just as he was finishing and asked, “Okay, you ready to move some couches?”

Joe rolled up his sleeves. “Yeah, let’s do it.”

They took one couch up the stairs and brought the other one back down. Working together it was very manageable. Joe even helped the woman vacuum before they put the couches in their new places.

Joe remarked that they were super nice people, which made it extra satisfying to help them out. The customers thanked Joe and said they couldn’t have done it without him.

Joe, thanks doing some heavy lifting and accomplishing another Good Deed For Free!

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