Why is My Air Conditioning Broken?

Air conditioners do not simply “break down”.  If there is trouble brewing from inside, central air systems often communicate first with unusual behaviors.

The average air conditioning system lasts up to 10 years with proper care. Until its time to replace the system altogether, the type of problems homeowners encounter will often revolve around the same mistakes.

Air Conditioning Broken Because of Too Much Buildup


You may find your air conditioning broken simply because it hasn’t been cleaned. With air and debris traveling through the ducts, vents and units, all sorts of trash can build up inside. Pet hair, dander, pollen and even yard waste can block and work against the natural flow of air conditioning.

When this happens, the central air system may stop working altogether. Motors may be caught and stalled. Air filters are overfilled. Evaporator coils are frozen. The only solution is to remove all debris caught inside the system.

Air Conditioning Broken Because of Overload

That specific air conditioning unit you have has been outfitted for your home. Any more or less of a load can cause confusion in terms of energy expenditure and grind. When too much is asked of the unit, it can shut down due to safety concerns. This may be why you may suspect your air conditioning broken.

If you think that you have an incorrectly sized air conditioning unit, speak to your HVAC specialist. Otherwise, the next best thing is to alter the way you use the central air.

This includes:

  • Managing the heat load inside the home
  • Replacing the air filter inside the air conditioner unit
  • Scheduling repairs as soon as they are needed

Air Conditioning Broken Because of Lack of Maintenance

More often than not, air conditioner maintenance could have prevented that expensive AC repair. Twice a year, AC maintenance keeps your central air system in its best form possible.

Your HVAC technician scouts out trouble zones and treats them before further damage occurs. He or she also cleans the central air, removing microbiological growth and other bothersome buildup.

The central air system runs almost every day of the year. The motors, fans and other parts experience a great deal of use and need professional care in order to keep heating and air conditioning possible. If one part is insufficient, the entire system runs less effectively. As a result, you experience lesser air conditioning and higher energy bills.

Fix Your Air Conditioning with Service Champions

In short, homeowners may find their air conditioning broken for a variety of reasons. Only a further assessment of the central air system can reveal specific ailments. Working with your HVAC specialist is the best care you can provide for the central air system.

At Service Champions, we complete each maintenance call with superior technical care and exceptional customer service. We are confident that our high quality HVAC service will surpass your standard of excellence.

To meet with your expert, contact one of our helpful representatives in our call center.

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