Sometimes The Simplest Good Deeds Are The Most Refreshing

Service Champions technician James is always on the hunt for ways to do Good Deeds, be they big or small.

While at a home in Orange on a hot day, he did one of the small, simple Good Deeds that provoke big smiles.

On the day James was at the home, there was a dad visiting his daughter’s home. He was hard at work pulling weeds. James noticed how much he was sweating in the heat.

“I decided to go over them and help him get the weeds gathered in a trash can,” James said. “Then, I told him to ‘hang on a second, I have something you look like you can use.’”

James went to his truck where he regularly keeps icy-cold water bottles. He drinks them, but he also gives them to anyone he sees who needs one. He has stopped and given them to homeless people, clients doing work outside, and anyone else who needs refreshment.

“He was shocked by how icy cold the water was,” James said. “He was very appreciative.”

James, thanks for looking for all those little ways to do Good Deeds For Free that add up to lots of big smiles!