Technician Gives A Smartphone Tutorial

The Cerritos homeowner had a question for Service Champions technician Sophanna. “Do you know anything about this kind of phone? It’s all new to me.”

Sophanna wasn’t an expert on that particular phone but knew enough about smartphones that he thought he could be of some help. “Would you like me to walk you through it and see what we can figure out?”

Sophanna gave her a tour of the basics, including some apps and special features she could use. He also went into settings and made some adjustments based on her feedback of what she wanted.

He noticed she didn’t have some basis security functions activated, and recommended she make some changes to her phone and her information.

“I explained to her that the way the phone was set right now, anybody who got ahold of it could access everything on her phone,” Sophanna said.

“I changed it for her so it would require a password to use the phone and she loved that,” he said.

It took Sophanna only about 20 minutes to go over everything, but it made a big difference to the homeowner.

“She said she wasn’t much on technology,” Sophanna said. “But she said someone taking the time to go over it with her was really refreshing. And it really brightened her day.”

Sophanna, thanks for taking time to slow down and really help someone – that’s another Good Deed For Free!