Darting Dog Gives This Technician A Workout

Service Champions technician Conrad was greeted at the front door of the Santa Ana home by the homeowner and two small dogs, Turbo and Ollie.

As the homeowner let in Conrad, she blocked the dogs from the door. “These dogs escape every now and then. If one of them sees a chance, he’s going to jet out.”

Conrad was going to find out soon that was very true!

He began his tune-up and a little while later, he heard the homeowner shout, “Oh no, one of the dogs got out!”

Ollie had made a run for it and Conrad sprinted into action.

“He was a fast little dog and I hadn’t ran at all in a year,” Conrad said. “I was huffing and puffing, but I caught him after a couple of blocks.”

Apparently, Ollie really enjoyed his freedom, even if was relatively short.

“The dog was just running free, frolicking” Conrad said. “It almost looked like he had a smile on his face while he was running. He was definitely having a good time.”

The homeowner was very appreciative that Conrad helped her out. “She was very, very thankful to have the dog back safe,” Conrad said, although he added she also got a small chuckle that Ollie had Conrad a little worn out from his unexpected sprint.

Conrad, thanks for running down that Good Deed For Free and bringing back Ollie safely!