What Did The Skunk, The Fox, And The Skeleton Rat Have In Common?

Service Champions technician John figured out pretty quickly this was not going to be a typical Good Deed! It’s not every day he helps a customer put the likeness of a skunk, a fox, and a skeleton rat in the front yard.

John was on a service call at a Norwalk home… and what an interesting home! John saw unique decorations hanging on every wall, Legos on the dining room table, and solar panels on the roof. As he and the customer chatted, John discovered that her latest creation was the eco-friendly “desert” she recently installed in her front yard.

As they talked, John got caught up in her enthusiasm. She showed him the “yard animals” she had bought for her desert.

“Why don’t we go pick spots for them right now and I can help you put them there,” John suggested.

The homeowner was delighted. She clearly took pride and joy in her unique home and yard!

More Good Deeds

Together the two of them spent about 15 minutes finding the perfect spot for the skunk, the fox, and the skeleton rat. The customer thanked John and was happy to see her “desert” coming together.

John said it was his pleasure to help and pointed to the ‘Good Deeds For Free’ painted on his van. “It’s all part of how we operate. We like to help homeowners any way we can.”

John you might be the first and last Service Champions technician to ever help a customer put a skunk, a fox, and a skeleton rat in their yard! Keep up the unique Good Deeds!