What To Do When You Find the AC Broken

If you find the ac broken, and has stopped working, there are a few questions and tests you can run yourself. An AC contractor should handle most problems, but a few issues can be cured straight from home.

Because the AC system is so large and complex, there are a number of problems that can happen at any time for any reason. If you find your AC broken, it may be a clue that there is more than one issue hurting the central air system.

AC Broken – Run Your Own Tests

What makes an AC broken? There can many signs that lead up to the AC not working. These signs can be small or large.

  • Is the thermostat blank?
  • Is the air coming out warm when you asked for cold?
  • Is no air coming out of the vents?
  • Does the air smell?
  • Is the compressor unit itself cold?
  • Are there unusual noises?
  • Is the AC system short cycling?

Sure enough, there are plenty of small reasons that the central air system is not working to your standard.

  • The thermostat needs a new battery.
  • The thermostat has corroded and needs to be replaced.
  • The thermostat was set at an unwanted or wrong temperature.
  • The air filter needs to be changed.
  • There is no electric supply and the main needs to be reset.

These are issues that you can fix yourself. A professional HVAC technician should handle anything greater than what has been mentioned above in order to protect your safety and the AC system itself.

AC Broken? – Call Your HVAC Contractor

Your HVAC contractor is a trained professional who has the experience, education and tools to handle any AC broken or whole. He or she performs a thorough search to find the exact cause of malfunction. Then, your AC contractor delivers the care needed for the fix.

He or she can attend to:

  • Microbiological growth and water damage
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Failed control boards
  • Burnt motor and fan blades
  • Intricate wirework
  • Pressure gauges inside the condenser unit

At this time, your AC contractor can also recommend necessary repairs, report weaknesses within the central air and suggest changes in HVAC usage. Adjusting the way you use your central air system helps prevent another AC broken.

Never Have an AC Broken with Service Champions

No matter what problem you’re experiencing with your central air system, Service Champions technicians have the answer. We invest care, attention and precision so that the solution we provide is exactly for you and your home.

As the most trusted HVAC technicians, Service Champions is proud to deliver excellent customer service and technical care. We lead in heating repairs, AC repairs, furnace installations, air conditioning installations and other air care services.

With your AC broken, we are here to help restore home comfort. To schedule your appointment, contact one of our helpful representatives in our call center or book a visit online.

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