How to Best Care for Your A C System

The A C system is an essential to home comfort and something that homeowners do not want to spend time worried about. In order to preserve the health of the A C system and ensure that there are no serious complications, homeowners can change a few things about how they use it.

Manage the Heat Load to Reduce A C System Stress

There are times when the A C system just doesn’t seem to be itself and no matter what temperature the thermostat may be set at, the house doesn’t feel cooler.

Often, an overbearing heat load is to blame. When the home is empty for long periods of time and the A C system is off, heat accumulates and rises above its average indoor temperature. This could be well past 70 degrees. Once there, no matter how low the thermostat is set, it cannot reduce the heat inside in a timely fashion.

As a remedy, manage the heat load inside your home. Set the thermostat just a few degrees above what you would want if you were home. This way, the home never gets too hot, keeping stress away off the A C system.

Change the Air Filter and Clean the Vents

The air filter is a key component to keeping the A C system energy efficient. Because it regularly collects airborne particles from the indoor air supply, once it grows dirty, it must be changed.

Changing the air filter is easy to do and prevents a number of issues such as the icy evaporator coils and poor indoor air quality. When selecting an air filter be sure that it matches the model of your A C system. Do not choose a specialized filter without first consulting your A C specialist. Some specialized filters do more harm than good.

Also wipe down the vents and registers through which air is dispensed. This will help remove what would otherwise be caught in the air filter.

Schedule Your A C Maintenance

A C maintenance is one the best services you can schedule for your A C system. Having a professional provide specialized care eliminates the potential for expensive repairs and permanent damages. During the A C maintenance, your HVAC specialist runs a battery of tests to restore the health, sanitation, safety and efficiency of the A C system.

It is also a perfect opportunity to ask questions about what else you can be doing for your particular A C system. If you suspect trouble with energy efficiency, ask about air duct inspection for leaks or attic insulation.

Service Champions Makes HVAC Exceptional

Heating and air conditioning is what your A C system wants to do, but there are obstacles that may stop it from doing just that. Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning helps with perfecting the A C system for your total home comfort.

For more information on how to best care for your A C system, contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center or schedule an appointment online.

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