Technician Puts Down His Burger To Give ‘Old-School’ Directions

Jack and a fellow Service Champions technician were at a McDonald’s in Chino, enjoying their burgers and fries in the parking lot.

A woman approached them looking lost.

“Do you think you can help me?” she asked. “My phone battery died and now and I can’t use my GPS app to find where I’m going.”

She was supposed to be playing a round of golf at a local country club but now had no idea how to get there.

Jack took the lead and said he’d be happy to help. He used his phone to type in the location and then took the extra time to write down the directions for her on a piece of paper. Directions that aren’t on a screen? We didn’t even know you could still do that!

Thanks Jack. Instead of just pointing and giving vague directions, you took a little extra time to put it in writing. Keep up the ‘Good Deeds For Free!’

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