Find Your High Quality A/C Repairs (Part 2)

When the central air system is need of a/c repairs, it can be real work to find the cause. With so many nooks and crannies within the air conditioning, just a small malfunction can indicate a bigger problem.

Many issues stem from lack of maintenance or ignored A/C repairs. Though you may be stumped as to what is making your air conditioning misbehave, your HVAC contractor can surely find the source.

When the air conditioner is using more energy than usual …

The air filter should be replaced. It is easy to do yourself and saves your central air system from unneeded pressure. The air filter affects energy expenditure because a dirty filter makes it difficult for air to pass through for conditioning. This means less air is being treated for the same amount of cooling, extending the air conditioning process.
If you don’t think a dirty air filter is to blame, it once again may come back to the air ducts or general cleanliness of the system. Speak to your HVAC contractor about what A/C repairs will best help the entire A/C system.

When the outside a/c unit is not working…

With enough time, every part of the central air system degrades with use.  The compressor comes with its own set of A/C repairs. Some of the most common problems with the compressor include:

  • Falling pressure
  • Burnt motors
  • Overworked compressor
  • Fried control board
  • Failed start capacitor

When any one of these parts meets its end, A/C repairs must take place.

When the air conditioner won’t do what you ask…

The problem lies in the thermostat. Whether due to poor connection or an aged thermostat, the central air system will never receive the messages you send. There can be many reasons why the air conditioning is not what is communicated on the thermostat screen.

First, thermostat may not be getting an accurate temperature reading. Following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, better place the thermostat in your home for an accurate read. This is generally around five or six feet off the floor.

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Second, if you have an older thermostat, debris and other corrosive particles may have lodged themselves inside. You can carefully clean the thermostat of debris. Depending on how old your thermostat is purchasing a new model may be the better option as it prevents more A/C repairs later.

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