Find Your High Quality A/C Repair (Part 1)

Maybe you forgot to schedule your regular A/C maintenance. Maybe your central air system is simply going through a tough time. Either way, the wellness of the central air system slipped through your fingers. Now, it’s time for that A/C repair.

A/C repair services come in all different sizes, some attending to a small leak and others requiring intricate surgical work. To your advantage, you have a team of HVAC experts waiting on your call.

When the air conditioning is noisy and/or making funny sounds …

It can be the result of loose motors, screws or tiny parts that fell out of place. Though generally, this is nothing major, it can grow to be quite a bother.

Over time with use, the central air system can endure a great deal of turbulence that causes small pieces to shift around inside. Your HVAC contractor can go into the central air system, tightening loose parts and sweeping away stray obstruction that crept its way in through the cracks.

If these noises accompany declining performance quality, then it may be a bigger part requiring A/C repairs for motors and fans.

When the air conditioner won’t turn on …

It can be because of countless issues, making it a situation that absolutely demands the attention of your preferred HVAC specialist.

Most likely, it is a matter of long overdue A/C maintenance. When the A/C system accumulates dirt and buildup, it can trip the safety switch, preventing the air conditioning system from turning on.

It is also symptomatic of other underlying issues such as a bad control board, faulty wiring and disconnections and as well more specific issues with the condenser unit.

The central air system may need multiple A/C repair services, but air conditioning maintenance is a good place to begin. Your HVAC specialist will need to evaluate your air conditioner and review its recent history to before he or she can help.

When the air conditioning doesn’t cool air …

It may be that the refrigerant level is low and needs to be replaced. Though uncommon, refrigerant leaks do happen and should be handled only by an experienced A/C specialist.

The condenser unit outside can also be impaired, whether that means that the motor is done or the capacitor is out.  Lastly, if there are tears or leaks in the air duct system, cooled air seeps out as warm air enters from the outside.

Fortunately, these are all problems that can easily be eliminated through A/C repairs.

The A/C Repair You Can Trust Is at Service Champions

At Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning, we combine expert technical service with superior customer care so that both you and your central air system receive the high quality care deserved. No matter what problems you experience with your central air system, we have the way to an exceptional A/C repair.

Service Champions is available to make your HVAC extraordinary. Contact a friendly representative in our call center or schedule an appointment online.

AC Repairs (Part 2)

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