Power Lines Go Down & Our Technicians Step In To Keep People Safe

Service Champions technicians Joe and Daniel were driving to their next call when they saw power lines fall to the street. Surprised to see them fall and worried about what could happen with live power lines down, Joe and Daniel sprang into action.

“Daniel and I got out of our truck, put some cones down and helped direct traffic around the downed electrical lines,” Joe said.

The technicians ended up staying there for about 45 minutes and then the fire department arrived and thanked them.

“They told us ‘good job’ and said they would take it from here,” Joe said.

Edison came soon after to cut the power to the lines.

“It was good to help out,” Joe said. “We were just glad nobody got hurt.”

Joe and Daniel, thanks for being willing to jump in and help – that’s an excellent Good Deed For Free!