Good Deed: Techs Team Up To Hang Chandelier For Homeowner

Service Champions technicians Steven and Frank were at a West Covina home and their client was telling them about a big family dinner she was excited to be hosting.

She had even purchased a new chandelier to have in place in time for the dinner that was coming up.

With two of them there, Steven and Frank knew they could work together to hang it, and they offered to take care of it.

“I’m not sure I would’ve felt confident to do it on my own,” Steven said. “But Frank offered to hang it up and I thought with two of us, we could get it done.”

The technicians got out the ladder and pulled the new chandelier out of the box.

“There was an old chandelier already in place, so we were swapping it out,” Steven said. “I had hung ceiling fans before so that helped me know a little bit.”

Steven and Frank got the new chandelier hung and wired up. Everything worked great!

The homeowner was very happy and appreciative to have the new chandelier installed. She looked forward to her guests enjoying it at the dinner.

Thanks Steven and Frank for taking the extra time for a special Good Deed For Free – keep up the good work!