This Good Deed Has Client Singing Our Praises

Service Champions technician Brian was in an Irvine home when he noticed a new karaoke machine sitting next to the TV.

“I just started talking about it with the client,” Brian said. “My family, especially my parents love karaoke, so I told her that.”

But Brian was ready to do more than talk – he was ready to accomplish a Good Deed For Free.

“I know that sometimes hooking up the connections can be a little confusing and since it was right next to the TV, I offered to do it for her,” Brian said.

“The connections are in the back of the TV and are a little hard to get to,” the homeowner said. “But if you could do that, it would be great.”

A few minutes later Brian had everything working. He showed the client how to switch from TV to karaoke so she could easily use switch back and forth.

“She was really happy,” Brian said. “She’s an upbeat person and I even joked we should do a duet.”

The duet never happened but the homeowner was singing Brian’s praises for doing this Good Deed.

Thanks Brian for spreading the spirit of Good Deeds For Free to another client!