Our Technician Surprises Teacher With Ice Cream Money For All The Kids

Service Champions technician Octavio has been known to perform random acts of kindness, and he did one recently that had a teacher calling our office to tell us all about it.

Octavio says he was at a stop sign when he noticed a bunch of kids at an elementary school playground yelling at passing drivers for assistance.

“I couldn’t quite tell what was going on at first,” Octavio said. “So I got out of my truck and that’s when I understood that they wanted someone to help them get their ball back.”

It seems one of the kids had accidently kicked the ball over the fence. Octavio retrieved it and sent it back over the fence for them.

A teacher came over with the student who had kicked it over and Octavio talked to him.

“He had his sad face on,” Octavio said. “I told him ‘don’t worry about it, I kicked about a hundred balls over the fence when I was a kid.’”

Octavio decided he wanted to something extra nice for the kids that day. “Is it okay if I give you some money to buy all these kids ice cream as a treat today?”

The teacher said yes, that would be nice. She was surprised when Octavio followed through and gave her $100 to get everyone ice cream.


The teacher was so impressed by Octavio’s Good Deed and generosity she called Service Champions office to share the story.

Octavio, thanks for your generous ways and another awesome Good Deed For Free!