Our Technician Jumps In To Help Fix Leaking Chimney

Service Champions technician Ivan was in the attic of an Upland home when the homeowner called up that she was coming into the attic to check on an issue.

“Since the attic is already open, I want to look at something,” she told Ivan.

The homeowner went over near the chimney area with a light and was inspecting it closely. Ivan asked what she was doing.

“There’s a gap around this chimney that is letting water in,” she told Ivan. “There’s some moisture here.”

Ivan started asking more about it and found out that she already had caulking to seal up the leak.

“Well, if you’re getting moisture in there and you have the stuff to fix it, why don’t you let me get up on the roof and do it for you?” Ivan said.

“Really? That would be great,” she said.

Ivan got out his ladder, went up on the roof, and caulked all around the sides of the chimney.

When he got down, she was so appreciative she made lunch for Ivan.

“She’s a very nice woman,” Ivan said. She is the widow of a Marine and both of her sons are in the Marines.

“She’s a military mom – self-sufficient – but I think she was grateful to have some help on this one,” Ivan said.

Ivan, thanks for finding a way to help your client solve a problem – that’s another Good Deed For Free!