Helping A Marine’s Dad Fix His Wipers On A Cold Rainy Evening

Service Champions technician Patrick was done with his work day and on his way home. He needed something from the store and pulled into a shopping center on a cold, dark, and rainy evening.

As he was getting out of his vehicle, he saw a man wearing a Marines jacket struggling to hold a flashlight while trying to install new windshield wiper blades on his car. Patrick had been in the Marines himself, and he jumped out into the rain and asked the man if he was a Marine.

“No, I’m not, but my son is serving in the Marines right now,” the man told him.

Patrick offered to install the wiper blades, and even though man politely declined, he clearly needed some help. Patrick offered again and said he would really be glad to help!

In less than two minutes, Patrick had the new blades installed and both of them were able to get out of the rain and on their way.

Thanks Patrick for your Good Deed For Free and thank you to the man in the parking lot whose son is serving our country as a Marine!