Technician Gives Away His Own Lunch To Struggling Couple

You’ve probably heard the expression about someone who is willing to give someone else “the shirt off their back.”

Well, recently Service Champions technician Brian did something similar – he gave a couple the lunch off his own tray.

“I was at a local fast food place, and I let this couple go ahead of me to order because I wasn’t quite ready,” Brian said.

As they tried to pay for their food, their card was repeatedly declined. Eventually, they just got two waters and went and sat at a table.

“They seemed like they were excited about going out for a meal at first, and then I think they were just sad and embarrassed,” Brian said.

Brian placed his own order: a burger, fries, two tacos, and a coffee. Then he went to sit down near the couple and start his lunch.

“Since I’ve started working at Service Champions, I’ve become more aware of chances to do Good Deeds,” Brian said. “I decided to just do something because I could tell this couple was struggling.”

Brian went over a gave away his entire lunch to them, keeping only his coffee.

“I just told them that I ordered this food and I decided I really wasn’t that hungry,” Brian said.

The couple was really grateful and thanked Brian more than once.

Brian wished them a good day and went on his way with his coffee. He said he ended up having a long work day and was exhausted going home, but he still felt good as the day wrapped up.

“I liked being able to bring a good moment to their day,” Brian said. “And even at the end of a stressful day it makes me appreciate what I have,” Brian said.

Brian, thanks for that generous Good Deed For Free!