What Your Orange County Furnace Contractor Wants to Tell You

Whenever you experience a heating issue, your Orange County furnace contractor is there to help. Heating and air conditioning systems are central to our homes. However, time and time again, they run into some similar issues that can be helped right from home. Here are some things your furnace contractor wants you to know.

How You Care for Your Central Air Matters

Your central air has been fitted for your exact home. How long it lasts depends what type of care it receives. While your furnace contractor can be there to make repairs, homeowners are near their central air systems far more often. This is why all those little usage habits add up to smooth operation or costly heating repairs.

As a homeowner, your Orange County furnace contractor recommends:

  • Changing the air filter
  • Cleaning the exterior of the central air system
  • Keeping air vents and registers clear of obstruction
  • Calling for your HVAC technician once you notice any behavior out of the ordinary

Furnace Maintenance is Worth Your Time and Money

Contrary to popular belief, furnace maintenance is absolutely necessary. It helps prevent expensive repairs and permanent damages. In fact, almost all repairs your furnace contractor finds could have been avoided with regular furnace maintenance, twice a year.

During the maintenance call, furnace contractors:

  • Clean delicate parts of the central air such as fins, blades and motors
  • Test for safe and efficient operation
  • Reset gauges, wires and meters
  • Remove microbiological growth, water hazards and other buildup

This complete evaluation ensures that your central air is in good shape so you can expect another season of reliable heating.

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HVAC Technology Has Never Been Better

Heating and air conditioning has come a long way since its start. As a result, there are so many things central air systems today can do other than HVAC. Your furnace contractor is the perfect resource to discover how to maximize home comfort through heating and air conditioning.

Some of these services include:

  • Zoning. This method is used to heat and cool only some areas of the home, cutting down energy spending in half.
  • Air cleaners and super filters. These attach to the central air and work every time the system is running. Super filters and air cleaners remove up to 99 percent of airborne germs and particles, improving indoor air quality.
  • Attic insulation. Both approaches to insulation help keep outdoor temperature out of the house. This reduces energy bills and improves system efficiency.

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We value your time and choice for superior heating and air conditioning, which is why we are confident the services from our furnace contractors will surpass your expectations.

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