He Can Fix Your A/C And Organize Your Shoes

Our technicians often find themselves accessing attics for inspections, and that often means going up through closet areas.

That’s where Service Champions technician Ryan found himself recently at an Ontario home, needing to get through a bedroom closet. But before he could get there, he needed to cross an ocean of shoes.

“She was definitely a ‘shoe person’!” Ryan said.

Ryan didn’t want to break or damage the shoes so he carefully moved them aside and went up to the attic. When he was finished, he climbed back down. He could hear his customer and she was busy with the kids.

It got Ryan to thinking that with her being so busy, maybe having her shoes organized would be a nice little deed he could do for her. So instead of leaving the shoes scattered, Ryan carefully began to pair them up and have them organized and color coordinated.

When the customer saw what Ryan had done, she was surprised and grateful. “Oh my, you didn’t have to do that. Thank you so much!”

Ryan was happy to help. “It took me about 10 minutes, but I’d like to think it helped her since she was so busy.”

Ryan, we knew you were an expert on HVAC… and now we can add closet organizer to your list of skills! Keep those Good Deeds For Free coming!

Good Deeds In The Community

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