When Not to Replace Furnaces

While there are several benefits to fitting your home with a new central air system, no one wants to do if it is not necessary. It can easily cost a few thousand dollars to replace furnaces. Before homeowners think to replace furnaces, they should consider more cost-effective alternatives.

When needed, your furnace contractor suggests timely replacements. Otherwise, minor problems can easily be taken care of so that no one needs to replace furnaces any time soon.

Air Duct Leaks

The air duct system is usually kept in the attic. While the material that makes the air duct system is fragile, it does not often experience leaks or holes. However, when it does, clean and conditioned air can seep out. At the same time, dirty attic air can enter the airstream. As a result, heating can be inefficient.

Fortunately, air duct leak do not call for homeowners to replace furnaces. Furnace technicians can provide air duct repairs by sealing the leaks.

Air Filter Trouble

Air filters should be changed about twice a year. This simple task is something homeowners can do themselves.

Overused air filters place additional stress on the central air system. This happens as dirty filters restrict airflow, causing the central air to overwork while collecting buildup inside.

With enough time and wear, this can require HVAC technicians to replace furnace parts from damage. Seldom will an entire furnace replacement be necessary.

Microbiological Growth

Microbiological growth occurs when the drip pan or evaporator coils collect water. Hygiene becomes an issue as the growth can enter the air stream and into the home. Furnace maintenance takes care of the problem.

During the maintenance, your furnace contractor scrubs the evaporator coils free of growth. Condensate lines and drip pans will also be evaluated for microbiological growth.

Though your technician may suggest you replace furnace parts, the entire furnace system will last for service. However, it should be noted that homeowners who avoid furnace maintenance altogether often find themselves scheduled to replace furnaces sooner than expected.

Broken Thermostats

Unless the thermostat is in standing condition, homeowners will have little to no access to heating and air conditioning. HVAC technology has improved greatly and smarter, longer lasting, more efficient thermostats are available. In this scenario, you need only to replace furnace parts attached to the thermostat, such as the thermostat itself and the wires connecting it to the furnace.

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