A Good Deed That Makes Our Batteries Feel Re-Charged

The homeowner in San Gabriel was upset. When anyone showed up to her front door, her alarm system was supposed to allow her to see who was at the door, but that wasn’t working. The system also should beep when the door opened and it wasn’t doing that either.

This was all explained to Service Champions technician Landon who was standing at that very door. He was there to begin an HVAC tune-up service for the frustrated homeowner.

Landon asked the obvious question… had she called the alarm company?

Not only had she called, she had tried to reach them several times and left numerous messages. Her calls weren’t returned. Exasperating!

“Maybe I could take a look at it for you,” Landon said. She was grateful for the offer.

Landon found the alarm interface and immediately saw a battery low message. He removed the cover and was hoping to see a couple of double AA batteries that could be easily replaced. No such luck. It was a specialized battery that would need ordered.  He wrote down the model number of the battery so the customer could order a new one.

Landon could have left it at that, but he could sense she wasn’t confident with the solution yet. She was concerned about how to place the order. “I’m not that good with computers,” she confessed.

Landon could help. “It’s simple. Have you ever heard of Amazon?” He showed her how to use the website to place the order. But Landon also wanted to give her options in case she wasn’t comfortable going forward with an online order.

“You could also take the model number I wrote down to a Radio Shack. They will likely have these kind of specialized batteries.”

The homeowner was very thankful to finally have someone who took the time to help her with a practical solution.

Landon, hearing about Good Deeds like this re-charges our batteries! Thank you for doing the ‘little extras’ that make a big difference!

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