Why Your Furnace Won’t Work

Right when you need it the most, the heater / furnace won’t work. For several reasons, the central air system behaves the way it does. Sometimes, these conditions can come without notice. Other times, there are signs that come far before anything serious sets in.

First, turn off your central air system. Next, call your furnace contractor. Until he or she arrives, here are four explanations to common problems for why your furnace won’t work.

Furnace Won’t Heat Air

The most probable reason why your furnace won’t heat air is because there is no source to ignite heat. Homeowners might forget they turned off the gas. Check this first, because it is more common than expected.

Although rare, there may be a malfunction with the burner itself. Inside the furnace is a burner. The burner is responsible for igniting and holding a small fire.

In curious cases, you may hear a “boom” or “bang” every time the thermostat turns on for heating. This happens when buildup interferes with the ignition process. Dirt and dust create a thick coat around the furnace burner. This buildup keeps gas trapped inside the burner. With excess gas, when a fire does ignite, it creates a tiny explosion.

If this is the case, do not use your central air system. Your furnace won’t be safe to use until it receives the attention of a furnace contractor.

Furnace Won’t Turn On

When the furnace won’t turn on, the thermostat may be to blame. More than once, furnace contractors have come to troubleshoot central air systems to find that the thermostat was set at the wrong temperature. This is the most practical reason as many people in the home may be toggling with the temperature throughout the day.

Next, the power breaker might need to be reset. Usually, this solves the problem, giving the entire system the chance to restart.

In rare instances, the safety switch may have tripped. This is when the central air system has discovered a hazardous condition within itself. To prevent harm, it shuts down. When this happens, the furnace won’t turn on.

Furnace Won’t Condition Air to the Right Temperature

If the furnace won’t condition air to the temperature you want, double-check the thermostat. When the thermostat is worn out, it fails to communicate with the furnace properly. Old thermostats are simple to replace, and may be more cost effective than making repairs.

Another reason why the furnace won’t condition to the desired temperature is because of an overused air filter. Old filters prevent airflow. This creates a disproportionate amount of air to heat ratio. As a result, the heating process is uneven.

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