When to Get The Furnace Replaced

The older your central air system becomes, the more it experiences wear. While repairs are necessary, getting the entire central air system replaced can often be put off for a later time. However, there are some conditions and signs that point to a furnace replacement.

The Furnace Needs Too Many Repairs

By the time the furnace reaches its last few years of service, parts of it no longer work. It needs constant repairs and service calls. As a result, it becomes both more comfortable and cost-effective to get the furnace replaced.

Furnace replacements require an entirely new system. Fortunately, the newer central air systems today are highly efficient, so while the initial cost may seem daunting, it pays off in the end.

If you find yourself turning to your furnace technician over and over again, it may be time to consider a furnace replacement.

Energy Costs Are Increasing

Do you find your energy bills a bit higher than usual? This may be a sign that the furnace is aging into inefficiency. All the parts of the central air work together and need the other in order to provide the type of air conditioning you set on the thermostat. When one or more of these parts becomes worn down, it begins to need more resources to do the same amount of conditioning.

If the problem is isolated, the central air needs only parts of the furnace replaced. For example, motors that burn out are unable to push and pull air throughout the air ducts and furnace. This means that while air may be conditioned, it has difficulty moving into the house. Your furnace contractor can either clean or replace the motors.

However, you may have more than one problem, problems that reoccur, or permanent damages. Then it may be best to find a furnace replacement instead of running the risk of increasing costs.

The Furnace Is Not Itself

Homeowners should take note any time the furnace acts out of the ordinary. Because there is a proper way for the furnace to be operating, any sign that suggests otherwise is pointing toward a service call.

The next time you run the furnace, see if:

  • There are funny noises like rattling, clicking or grinding
  • The furnace feels too cold or hot
  • The heating and air conditioning doesn’t seem a good as it used to be
  • The air feels or smells unusual

Particularly if you have not had your central air serviced in some time, your HVAC technician may suggest to have parts of the furnace replaced.

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