He’ll Do What He Can To Help You Out, But Just Don’t Ask Him To Cook!

If Service Champions technician Apollo comes to your home for a service call, he’s happy to offer to do a Good Deed, but he does have one humorous exception.

“I always explain ‘Good Deeds For Free’ to my customers,” Apollo says. “Then I say, ‘so, what can I do for you today… except cooking!’”

Apollo says this always gets a laugh and often the customer will take him up on the offer to do a Good Deed.

So it was no surprise that Apollo and fellow technician Andy found a Good Deed to do for their customer in Azusa. The customer told them about a problem he was having in his attic, where Apollo and Andrew were going to service a unit.

“Animals have been getting through my side attic wall,” the homeowner said. “There’s a gap near my vent and there’s nothing covering it.”

“We can patch that up,” Apollo told him. “If you have the tools and materials, we’ll get it done for you.”

The customer was ecstatic. “No one has offered to do that for me – I was actually going to hire someone!”

Using the customer’s chicken wire, Andrew took the lead in completing the patch.  It ended up being fairly straightforward job and it was done in about 20 minutes.

Terrific job Apollo and Andrew, you went the extra mile with this Good Deed. And don’t worry, Apollo, we won’t ask you to cook anything!

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