Lost Suitcase Found In Attic Brings Back Memories

Service Champions technician David was up in the attic of a Whittier home when something caught his eye.

“I was doing an attic inspection and I saw something sticking out of the insulation,” David said. “I realized it was a suitcase and it seemed out of place.”

David checked with the homeowners to see if they knew about the suitcase.

They didn’t know anything was up there, so they were very interested to find out what it was. When they opened it, they were surprised to find mementos from past trips.

“Oh, my! I haven’t seen this in years,” the client said. As the husband and wife sorted through the trip trinkets, they reminisced about past good times on various trips.

David said it’s not the first time he’s made happy discoveries for clients in the attic.

“People don’t go in the attic much and they forget what’s up there,” David explained. “It can be fun to help people re-discover stuff.”

The homeowners were grateful to David for finding the suitcase.

“Thank you – I really appreciate it,” the client told David. “I would have never gone up there and known to look for it if you didn’t see it up there.”

David, nice work keeping your eyes open and digging up good memories. That’s another Good Deed For Free!