Angel Now Graces The Garden Thanks To This Good Deed For Free

Service Champions technician Joe was in a garage at a Norwalk home as part of a tune-up. There was a 4-foot-high angel statue taking up some space and Joe asked about it.

“Oh that, I’m going to have that moved to my garden,” the homeowner said. “My son was going to do it but he’s recovering from a health issue right now.”

Joe said he could do it for her.

“Oh no, I couldn’t ask you to do that,” she said. “It’s too heavy – two people should do it.”

Joe sized up the angel and was pretty sure he could handle it.

“Let me see what I can do,” Joe said. “You show me where you want it.”

Joe had to admit it was heavy, but it was manageable.

“I moved it about 50 feet for her – she wanted it between two planters,” Joe said. He got it set up just how she wanted it.

The homeowner was very happy and thankful to Joe for doing that.

“It had been in my garage for a long time and I really wanted it on display,” she said. “Thank you!”

Joe, that’s a graceful Good Deed For Free – thanks for all that you do.