If This Technician Is Ahead Of You In The Drive-Thru, It May Be Your Lucky Day!

Service Champions technician Steven has a generous habit, and if he’s ahead of you at the local coffee shop or in a drive thru line, he just might make your day.

“I like to sometimes pay for the person behind me in line,” Steven said. “I have the cashier leave my tab open and the next person’s order is added to it.”

Steven says he usually doesn’t get to see the person’s reaction because he’s gone before they know he paid. “But I like the idea of doing it for the sake of doing it. If we’re doing Good Deeds For Free just for the reaction or for something in return, it defeats the purpose.”

Does he ever get stuck with a big tab?

“Every once in a while I think I’m paying for a $5 drink and it will turn out the person was there ordering for the whole office,” Steven said with a smile. “It’s okay though, that just means I was extra generous that day.”

Steven said he started this occasional habit of paying for people randomly once he started working at Service Champions. But the inspiration for it actually came from an experience he had long ago.

“Before I was at Service Champions, I was working multiple jobs and money was pretty tight,” Steven explained. “One morning, I was grabbing a breakfast at McDonald’s on the way to one of my jobs. I was really hungry, and someone paid for my breakfast out of nowhere. I haven’t forgotten it – it just really made my day.”

Now Steven surprises others with the same generosity. Thanks for spreading the spirit of Good Deeds For Free in a wonderful way, Steven!