Technician Makes Sure Dog Will Be Rescued In An Emergency, Too

Service Champions technician Johnny arrived at an Irvine home and the client took a little longer than usual to answer the door.

“I could see he wasn’t moving fast, so Instead of rushing right to the work, I slowed things down myself and talked to him for a little bit,” Johnny said. “He told me how he was battling multiple sclerosis.”

The homeowner explained to Johnny he had recently been taken to the hospital but the first responders weren’t aware of his dog, Chloe. He worried the whole time he was in the hospital that there was no one at home to take care of Chloe.

“The dog Chloe was next to us during the conversation,” Johnny said. “It was obvious Chloe was really important to him.”

After chatting a bit more, Johnny got to work on the tune-up service. A little later he noticed the man was attempting to hang a sticker in the window but was having trouble.

Johnny asked what he was doing and the homeowner explained that his veterinarian had given him a sticker to put in a window that would alert first responders to check on the dog in an emergency.

He could see the man was getting frustrated and offered to help. He was reluctant to accept help at first, but Johnny told him “I can tell Chloe is part of the family. There should be a sticker here so she gets noticed if there’s another emergency.”

The client agreed and together they mounted the sticker neatly in the window.

Johnny felt instantly how relieved the homeowner was to have the sticker in place.

“You could see his emotions go from frustration to the relief just coming off his shoulders,” Johnny said. “He said to me ‘you guys really do Good Deeds For Free!’”

Yes, we really do! Johnny thanks for slowing down to listen to your clients and find out what will truly help them. That’s a super Good Deed For Free!