Technician Delights Homeowner By Fixing Sprinkler System

Service Champions technician Joe will be the first to tell you he’s no expert on sprinkler systems. But when Joe was on a service all in San Dimas and the homeowner said he was frustrated that his sprinklers weren’t working, Joe said he could at least take a look.

Not being a sprinkler expert, Joe decided the best approach would be to solve the problem in a step-by-step process. He decided he needed to see if it was the sprinklers themselves or the box that controlled them. He tested the sprinklers by turning them on manually, and they worked just fine.

Joe knew this meant the problem must be in the remote control box in the garage. So, he popped it open and spied some wires that needed re-connecting. He spliced them, switched it on, and BINGO – it worked.

The homeowner was so happy he insisted on getting a picture of Joe in front of the sprinklers to send to us as proof of another Good Deed.

Joe, thanks for your can-do, problem-solving attitude and another Good Deed For Free!