Homeowner Gets Fired Up & Ready To Grill Again

Service Champions technician Dan loves grilling out, so when he was on a service call in Newport Beach and saw a new grill, he struck up a conversation.

“Do you grill often?” Dan asked the homeowner.

The customer sighed. “I do like to grill, but… well, I haven’t done it lately because I can’t get my propane tank hooked up.”

Dan asked what the problem was.

“I’ve been getting a little weaker and it is harder for me to lift stuff,” the homeowner told him. “The propane tank weighs around 55 pounds and it is just too much for me.”

Despite this frustration, the man hadn’t lost his sense of humor. “You see, I can lift a steak, I can flip burgers, and handle anything you need grilled… but I can’t lift that darn propane tank!”

Dan saw an opportunity to get a fellow grill lover fired up again.

“Have you ever heard of Good Deeds For Free?” Dan asked. He was surprised that even though the customer had been doing business with Service Champions for some time, he was not familiar with it.

Dan went on to explain and then asked if he would let him do this Good Deed for him. The customer said that would be great and Dan got down to business.

It was a newer grilling system, so it took Dan a few minutes to figure out the trick to getting it connected properly. Once that was done, Dan got the gas turned on, hit the igniter, and… SUCCESS!

Dan then took the time to walk the customer through it just to make sure he was comfortable with what had been done. Everything worked great, and the customer was thrilled.

The homeowner was especially happy because he had been on the phone with another company that morning and had the opposite customer service experience. That company also fired him up, but not in a good way. In the Tale of Two Customer Service Experiences, Service Champions came out the winner!

You’re really cooking with that Good Deed For Free, Dan. Keep up the great work and happy grilling to you and your customer!

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