Luggage Hitches A Ride To The Attic With Our Technician

Service Champions technicians often go to the nooks and crannies of your home to access your HVAC units for service, especially attics.

It often creates opportunities to add-on a “Good Deed For Free” to your service call. If we can save you a trip to your attic, we’re happy to do it.

Our technician Michael saw a chance to help at a Whittier home. The homeowner told him she had just returned from a trip and Michael noticed the luggage sitting out.

“I see you’re unpacked,” Michael said. “I’m headed to the attic, would you like me to put your luggage up there?”

That’d be great, she told him. It would save her the trouble.

He asked where to store it once he got up there and then he was climbing with the luggage.

The homeowner was grateful not to have to haul it up herself!

Michael says whenever he is headed to an attic for service at a home, he lets his customers know that he’s available to take something with him.

“People seem to appreciate being saved a trip upstairs,” he said.

Michael, way to stay on the lookout for “Good Deeds For Free’… Keep it up!

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