Air Conditioner Repair: What Is Microbiological Growth?

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Every central air system is at risk for microbiological growth. Though it may sound strange for a furnace to be plagued with any type of mold, it is actually quite common.

Microbiological growth not only dirties the central air system, but it also alters the indoor air quality. However, there are plenty of ways homeowners can manage microbiological growth.

Why Does Microbiological Growth Happen?

The central air system constantly cools and heats. As a result, condensation is inevitable. Small pools of water may collect here and there. A condensate line is put in place to safely remove excess water away from the central air system. However, water still does manage to collect in small crevices.

Usually, there is no need for a technical air conditioner repair. It is still important to take caution of the dangers of water coupled with electricity and gas powers. This is first for your own safety, and second to prevent future air conditioner repairs.

Microbiological growth happens when water collects in dark corners of the central air system. Most commonly, this happens around the evaporator coils.

The evaporator coils are contained in a box that sits on top of the future. Whenever you turn on the thermostat, all indoor air must pass through this box for air conditioning. As a result, if there is microbiological growth present in the evaporator coils, all indoor air touches it.

What the Air Conditioner Repair Does

The best air conditioner repair for microbiological growth is an intensive cleaning. Your AC specialist has the proper tool kit to scrub the central air system of any trace of microbiological growth.

The evaporator coils are scraped clean. Fins are wiped down.  Any pools of water removed and the condensate line is evaluated.

Your air conditioner contractor can speak more thoroughly on what you can do, specific to your usage habits. As a general rule of thumb, regular AC maintenance prevents microbiological growth.

How to Prevent Microbiological Growth

In between maintenance calls, you can protect the quality of your indoor air by increasing the strength of the air filter. HVAC technology today has allowed for specialized air filters to protect your central air system and indoor air quality.

If your central air is prone to microbiological growth, also consider UV lamps and bulbs that fit inside the box of evaporator coils. The UV emissions neutralize all microbiological growth so that it cannot harm your air supply.

Top Air Conditioner Repair with Service Champions Experts

Microbiological growth is quite common among home central air systems, but it doesn’t mean you have to settle. Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is available for homeowners who want practical solutions to pure indoor air.

Our experts complete each air conditioner repair using only the most advanced methods of care available in our HVAC industry. We are certain that our technical service and genuine customer care will reach your satisfaction.

To schedule your air conditioner repair, contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center.

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