Helping Repair Sprinkler System Bears Fruit For These Technicians

Service Champions technicians don’t do Good Deeds For Free to get a reward. In fact, the whole point is that we expect nothing in return.

But sometimes our clients are so happy they give our techs a treat as a thank you. That’s never necessary but always appreciated.

That’s what happened when technicians Jeff and Fred were on a call together in La Habra. The homeowner had lemon and grapefruit trees on her property and a sprinkler system to water them.

Jeff happened to walk up as his client was replacing some tubing on the sprinkler system.

“I have a tool that would work better for what you are doing,” Jeff said. “Let me go grab it and you’ll be done faster.”

Jeff helped her with that and then he and Fred ended up assisting a bit more. The tube was replaced and the sprinkler system was ready to go.

“Altogether, it probably only took about 15 to 20 minutes of our time,” Jeff said. “But she appreciated that we helped and saved her some time and trouble.”

As it turned out, she was so pleased with the help that she insisted that Jeff and Fred not leave empty-handed.

“She loaded us up with lemons and grapefruits and jams she made from her fruits,” Jeff said. “Delicious stuff and some of the lemons were better than you can get in a grocery store – they were just really, really good and sweet.”

Jeff and Fred, nice job with another Good Deed For Free – and this one turned out extra sweet for you!