Technician Helps Neighbor Rescue Cat

At Service Champions, we want to demonstrate a ‘Good Deeds For Free’ attitude in every part of our lives. That means Good Deeds aren’t just for our clients, and they are not just for when we are on the job.

Our technician Austin had just gotten home and was on a walk with his wife and son when he heard his neighbor calling out ‘Lulu, Lulu, where are you?”

The neighbor looked pretty anxious and Austin asked what was going on. It turned out his cat was sick and needed medicine, but had wandered off.

Austin and his family said they would help look. As they continued walking through the neighborhood, they looked in bushes and anywhere they could think a cat might be tucked away.

They didn’t find Lulu, but when they got back, the neighbor had news.

“I think I might have found Lulu, but I can’t get to her,” the neighbor explained. “I think I hear her down there.” He pointed to a storm drain.

He had called the fire department to ask for help, but they told him they did not do that kind of thing.

“Would you have a crowbar, so we could lift the manhole?” the neighbor asked Austin.

Austin didn’t have one, but he knew he had to try to help his neighbor. “Let me go see what I might be able to find.”

He went to his workshop and looked around and got an idea for something that might work.

“I’ve got this hammer with a good claw on it,” Austin said. “Let me try to use it to pry it up and maybe you can grab the manhole cover and get it off.”

Sure enough, that did the trick. The neighbor climbed down and was eventually able to see his cat and coax it out of the pipe.

The neighbor climbed back up, relieved and happy to have Lulu in hand.

Thanks Austin for going the extra mile to help a neighbor and a pet in distress. That’s another excellent Good Deed For Free!