Installing Sprinkler Timer Is No Problem For Our Handy Technician

Service Champions technicians are good at figuring things out. It makes sense, because their training is to diagnose problems and how to solve them.

We’re sometimes asked by homeowners to look at systems other than HVAC, and we love to help when we can. Technician Conrad was asked by a Laguna Hills homeowner if he wouldn’t mind taking a look at a sprinkler timer she had recently purchased to see if he could get it installed.

As it turned out, it needed to be hooked up to the home’s Wi-Fi first, and then the timer had to be mounted on the sprinkler outlet.

The Wi-Fi was no problem, and Conrad had that done quickly. But the sprinkler outlet was kind of hard to reach. Conrad was able to work at it, though, and eventually got it hooked up. He even took time to program it so it would be set to water on the precise schedule the homeowner wanted.

“Thank you so much for doing that,” she said. “It would’ve taken me forever and I’m not sure I would’ve been able to figure it out.”

That’s why we’re here. Thanks Conrad for solving problems and spreading around the Good Deeds For Free!