Heavy Lifting Not Allowed After Heart Surgery, So Our Tech Steps In To Help

Service Champions technician Leandro was at a home in Anaheim and as always, he asked his client if there was anything extra he could do. When the homeowner didn’t think of anything immediately, Leandro had a suggestion.

“How about that water jug – can I change that out for you?” he asked.

“Actually, that would be a great help,” the homeowner said. “There’s a new one in the garage.”

Leandro made the suggestion because he’d seen the one in the dispenser was already empty. He also knew that his client had very recently had heart surgery and there was no way he should be lifting a 5-gallon jug on his own.

It only took Leandro a couple of minutes to switch out, but it made the homeowner very happy.

“It felt especially good to help him because I knew with the recent surgery, it wasn’t something he could do on his own,” Leandro said. “I think his granddaughter was around to help, but honestly that 5-gallon jug is so heavy I’m not sure it was something she should be doing anyway.”

Leandro, thanks for lifting that burden off your client and onto your own back with another Good Deed For Free!